COVID-19 Updates

What to expect during your appointment at YourSkinRN

  1. Please arrive at your scheduled time with your mask on.
  2. Please text us at 5194974037 if you want to stop by to pick up product so we can manage the number in the clinic.
  3. We will check your temperature on arrival and ask you to review the covid questionnaire and sign a consent.
  4. We respect your right to not vaccinate but if your status Is non-vaccinated we will only treat areas around your mask (it must stay on at all times). So, we are unable to treat lips, chins, jaws, offer BBL, Microneedling or RF treatments.
  5. We would prefer you come in solo for your appointments. But max is 2 people from your bubble if you are coming with someone.
  6. Please reschedule your appointment if you have any changes in your health.
  7. The staff of YSRN look forward to caring for you and we will provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for you.
    Thank you.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to caring for you again. 😊