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Neuromodulators like Botox/Dysport block the signals from the nerves telling those muscles to move. Worldwide, neuromodulators are the #1 offered cosmetic treatment, and in 2017 alone, 7.2 million neuromodulator treatments were administered according to

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Treatment and Results

It only takes very small amounts of these products to stop muscle movements. Once the movements stop, the skin begins to relax, and wrinkles start to smooth out and appear softer. It takes between five and seven days to see the full effects, which will last from three to five months.

At YourSkinRN, we use neuromodulators to treat frown lines, lines in the upper lips, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and the chin. We also use it for off-label applications like calming the masseters–which stops grinding and jaw clenching–and smoothing the neckline. These are also effective treatments for stopping excessive sweating in the underarms.

Important Questions About Botox/Dysport

These are absolutely safe treatments. Botox has been in use for over 20 years and is used in many medical and cosmetic applications all around the world. Dysport uses the same main ingredient and also has a good safety record. These treatments are approved by Health Canada.

Injection treatment only takes a few minutes. Most people will be done with the entire appointment and treatment in less than 30 minutes, and there is no downtime necessary. There’s no reason you can’t go back to your normal routine afterward.

One of the best things about treatment with neuromodulators is the way results persist. Many people find they need fewer injections to get the same effect as time goes on. If you stop getting them altogether, the wrinkles will return, but they will always look better than if you hadn’t relaxed them in the first place.

In the early years, neuromodulator treatments got a reputation for causing people to look unnatural. Those days are long gone. Whenever you seek treatment from trained medical professionals like those at YourSkinRN, you can expect entirely natural results.

Botox/Dysport neuromodulators are a great treatment for both men and women. Men may need slightly more because they tend to have stronger muscles in the face, but there is no reason anyone can’t have the perfect smile they’re looking for.