Skin Tag & Lesion Removal

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Cryogen Therapy

Cryogen therapy for removing lesions and skin tag scab involves freezing the diseased skin tissue with liquid nitrogen. This technique is much more popular than excision because it does not damage the surrounding healthy skin tissue.

It is also popular because there are no preparation steps you have to take before removal. All you need to do after treatment is to wash the treated area with fragrance-free soap and warm water daily for seven to 10 days after treatment. For two weeks, you should apply Aquaphor or Vaseline to the treated area daily.

Curettage and Cautery

Curettage and cautery involve scraping off a skin tags or lesion and applying heat to the skin’s surface. To determine if this method is right for you, we need to review your medical history, including any allergies, and know the medications you are currently taking or have taken recently.

It is crucial that you tell us if you are allergic to any type of anesthetic. To ensure your comfort during this method, we will inject a local anesthetic into the area around the affected site. Once the skin tag or lesion is removed with a curette, the treatment site will be cauterized with a hot wire.

How to Identify Benign Growths

To tell if your growth is benign or malignant, we look at the ABCDE of growths. “A” stands for asymmetrical. Only asymmetrical growths may be malignant. “B” stands for border. The edges of an early melanoma are usually crusty, uneven or notched. “C” stands for color. Healthy moles are uniform in color and never white or blue.

“D” stands for diameter. Healthy growths are never larger than the diameter of a pencil eraser. “E” stands for evolving. Healthy growths do not change size, shape or color. They also do not scab or bleed.

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