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Where Can You Use Dysport?

Dysport is the revolutionary wrinkle-blasting injectable that can turn your frown upside down. When you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your face without surgery, this powerful treatment is your best bet. At YourSkinRN in Kitchener, Ontario, we offer professionally administered therapy for all the most common facial lines and wrinkles.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is an injectable wrinkle treatment similar to Botox. This treatment is part of a group of anti-aging treatments called neuromodulators that inhibit muscle movement to prevent and smooth wrinkles.

In youth, the skin produces an abundance of collagen and elastin that helps your face snap back into place after making facial expressions. As early as your twenties, your body stops producing as much of these vital proteins. As collagen and elastin leave your system, you’ll notice fine lines and, eventually, wrinkles.

Aging and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles form on the skin after repetitive muscle movement. Every time you smile, frown or squint, your muscles move to create that expression. When collagen and elastin deplete from the skin, the expression seems to stay on the face. The lingering evidence of old emotions makes a face look less youthful than necessary.

This treatment is effective for turning back the clock on wrinkles while preventing new lines and wrinkles from forming. Neuromodulators are the most sought-after cosmetic treatment because of their safety and efficacy. This treatment is approved for use in 75 countries and comes with 30 years of proven results.

Where Can I Use Dysport?

this treatment works wonders for a few key regions of the face. All indicated parts find exceptional improvement after one session. Ideal areas to receive Dysport include:

Glabellar Lines

The glabellar lines or the vertical lines between the eyebrows are the most common areas to receive this treatment. Glabellar lines often look like an etched number “11” in between the eyes that can make a face look less joyful than it is. The mighty lifting power of this treatment can remove or lessen the intensity of unwanted glabellar lines.

Horizontal Forehead Lines

Horizontal forehead lines are often the first lines to appear on the face. No matter how much you try to control muscle movement in this region, some lines are likely to appear with time. Horizontal forehead lines are among the most noticeable signs of aging that many patients don’t want. This treatment can fade these lines and deliver your face back into a state of youthful, radiant beauty.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet, or the lines radiating out from the corner of the eyes, are another classic sign of depleting collagen and elastin levels. Eye movement is unavoidable, which makes these lines among the most prevalent as we grow older. This treatment can ease the severity of crow’s feet in the most natural-looking ways imaginable.

How Does It Work?

This treatment uses botulinum toxin to limit muscle motion to relax fine lines and wrinkles. Your practitioner injects a small amount of the serum into locations between and above your eyebrows to reduce the appearance of frown lines.

As the serum enters your muscles, it relaxes them. The more the muscle relaxes, the smoother your lines and wrinkles become. Not only will this treatment erase wrinkles, but it can also prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming.

Treatment results are temporary and can last around four months or longer. Many patients love the flexibility and low-risk features of this treatment.

How Is Dysport Different from Botox?

Both injectable treatments are made from botulinum toxin and work to relax facial muscles to provide anti-aging effects. Both treatments are also considered very safe and require administration from a trained professional. You can use either serum to treat wrinkles or to prevent muscle spasms or tics caused by neurological or medical conditions.

Dysport is often more effective for treating more intense glabella wrinkles than Botox. Many studies reveal results from Botox take longer to appear. Each treatment has specific product usage instructions and dosages. One unit of Botox doesn’t equal one unit for this treatment, either.

How Do I Know if I Should Get Dysport or Botox?

The only way to know which treatment would work best for you is to visit us for a comprehensive consultation. We’ll examine your concerns and create a custom treatment plan just for you.

All injectable neuromodulator treatments require professional administration. Only a professional can safely give you the results you seek.

What Are the Benefits of Dysport?

Although less well known than Botox, this rewarding injectable treatment comes with a variety of benefits for users. Below we explore the top perks for using this treatment and why you should try it:

Safe and Effective

This is a safe way to achieve smoother and younger-looking skin. Authoritative government bodies in 75 countries have deemed this treatment safe for use. Doctors in Europe have used this treatment since 1990 for therapeutic applications, and it has been widely used in Canada for many years.

One of the most significant realities about using this treatment is the sheer number of positive reviews you can find online from happy patients. Many scientific studies reveal the positive results achieved from treatment.

Natural-Looking Results

You won’t have to worry about walking away with a “frozen face.” In the past, injecting neuromodulators like this one came with the risk of an abject lack of facial muscle movement. Back in the day, this was the telltale sign of having botulinum toxin treatment, and it turned many people away from this extraordinary anti-aging process.

Fortunately, times and methods have changed. Treatment with botulinum toxin has advanced to create more organic-looking results. Your wrinkles fade without inhibiting you from making facial expressions. Your results look so natural that no one will know that you’ve received treatment.

Smooths Lines and Wrinkles

This treatment works to lessen the visibility of facial lines and wrinkles. There are hundreds, if not thousands of anti-aging products on the market that claim to make wrinkles go away. Creams, serums, and moisturizers can only go so far in wrinkle treatment. These products sometimes work to fill facial lines, but they offer no long-term coverage.

This injectable can feel like a golden ticket if you’ve tried many topical products without luck. After one session, you receive a potent line and wrinkle relaxation treatment that can transform your appearance for the better.

Prevents Signs of Aging

Neuromodulators prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming. If you like to plan, this treatment is an investment for the future of your face. Not only can it treat already-formed lines and wrinkles, but it prevents new lines from ever appearing in the first place.

Reducing the movement of the muscles in your face means that your skin isn’t shifting into lines as frequently. When you are moving your muscles less, it results in a fresher and smoother appearance over time. Many astute younger patients use this treatment as a preventive step for ensuring a youthful glow for years to come.

No Downtime

You don’t have to take any time off after treatment. If you associate lengthy downtimes with any cosmetic treatment, think again. Most patients feel more than ready to resume their regular activities directly after their session.

You won’t have to carve out a lot of time away from work to receive treatment, either. After your short appointment, you can continue with your day in any way you see fit.

Comfortable Process

Most patients are unfazed by this treatment. We may use a mild topical anesthetic to prepare the injection location before treatment to enhance your comfort during your session. You can expect to receive around five quick injections into your target region. Most patients feel comfortable throughout the speedy process.

Fast Results

You’ll see a rapid reduction in lines and wrinkles after your appointment. One of the most pronounced benefits that patients rave about is how fast they see results. On average, you’ll see maximum benefits from treatment within 24 to 48 hours after your appointment. With Botox, patients wait at least 48 hours, on average, to notice results from treatment.

Long-Lasting Results

Your results with this injectable last longer than average. People choose neuromodulators because they offer a low-maintenance approach to wrinkle reduction and prevention. Results from each session last between three and five months on average.

Some people have concerns that their wrinkles will look worse when the treatment wears off, but this isn’t true. Your skin will always look better than it would have because you took steps to reduce muscle movement.

Excellent Option for People of All Genders

We treat people of all genders. Men and women alike visit us to discover the amazing effects of this treatment. You don’t have to justify your reasons for using botulinum toxin to enhance your appearance. It’s safe and suitable for everyone.

Sometimes, men may need more units of the product because they tend to have stronger facial muscles. We’ll give you the most precise information about your treatment during your consultation.

High Patient Satisfaction Rates

As many as 97% of patients who’ve tried this injectable report feeling very satisfied with the results. According to a multi-centre European observational study conducted in 2015, nearly all patients who tried this treatment would use it again.

No Scarring or Evidence

You won’t have any visible evidence of treatment. One reason injectable wrinkle treatments are so popular is that they don’t leave scars or marks as some surgical cosmetic procedures would.

We use a very fine needle to administer the product, which leaves nearly no visible trace. Many patients can’t even tell where we have injected the product immediately after their session.

Proven Track Record

With 30 years of information available about this treatment, you can rest assured that it is safe and worthy of your attention. All you must do is look at the millions of positive reviews, research studies, and medical professional testimonials to know that this treatment does what it claims it will.

Am I a Candidate?

If you want a smoother and younger-looking appearance, you could be a candidate for this treatment. We can only determine if this treatment is right for you by meeting with you in person. Please schedule a consultation with us today to learn if this treatment could be right for you.

Schedule a Consultation

Dysport is the premier treatment for removing lines from the forehead and eye areas. With fast-acting and long-lasting results, this treatment can go places other injectables cannot. If you are ready to refresh your appearance, schedule a consultation with Denise Schaefer, RN today. Contact us at YourSkinRN in Kitchener, Ontario, to get started.